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Learn to effectively defend yourself with a firearm in a safe and respectful environment.

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Inclusive Defense Training grew out of the idea that all humans have an innate right to defend themselves. We believe that training to defend oneself should be conducted in an atmosphere of mutual respect, kindness, and absolute physical and emotional safety. With each class we teach we strive to provide those elements along with a little bit of fun. Our training is designed to be practical and robust. The skills learned and practiced in our classes grow in complexity as you move through the curriculum, however, even from the beginning level class you should expect an increase in your skill and confidence with using a defensive firearm. I am a Rangemaster Certified Advanced Firearm Instructor and am insured through the Firearms Training Association.


Inclusive Defense Training arose from my perception that many of those people most at risk of being criminally assaulted feel least comfortable in a traditional defensive firearms class. Our mission is to offer tested, robust training in a safe and welcoming environment.

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Providing workshops, classes, individual and structured small group training. We would love to enroll you in a class or work with you to design a training custom tailored to your small group. Individual sessions also available.


Our mission is to offer you effective, robust defensive firearms training in a safe and respectful environment.