About Us

Hi, I’m Mike!

I am mostly retired after many years in healthcare, much of that as a registered nurse. Most of my nursing career was spent in behavioral health, with forays into emergency preparedness and education. Before nursing school and for many years after becoming a nurse I was a challenge course and rappelling instructor. After retirement I briefly (a little over a year) had a part time job fabricating kydex holsters with a local holster company.

I had owned firearms for decades and thought of myself as capable of using them defensively until I took my first defensive shooting class in 2008, where I started to discover just how much I did not know. Since then I have been engaged in learning as much as I can about defensive shooting/tactics/combatives in order to keep myself and my family safe.

A few years ago I started teaching friends and family what I had learned and was encouraged to begin this business. As I thought (literally over a couple of years) about where I wanted to take a defensive firearms training business, I realized that the answer to that question was in front of my face in the person of Moss. Moss is my 16 year old non-binary child, who has been shooting since they were 7 years old, and who, just like you, deserves the VERY BEST training that I can provide.

That is pretty much it for what I wanted to say in this quick intro. i think if you come train with us you may be surprised at how much you learn, not just about shooting, but about how to keep yourself safer in general.

Something that I will guarantee you is that I will continue training and learning and bringing the most robust and effective practices to class for you.

I’m Izzy, an assistant instructor for Inclusive Defense Training. I’m a veteran who spent 12 years in the National Guard, with one deployment and multiple disaster relief missions under my belt. I’m a lifelong student, who is always trying to find ways to improve and build upon my defensive skills. I also have an interest in combat medicine and try to keep up to date on current trauma life support practices.

I got involved with Inclusive Defense Training  a little less than a year ago, and have since volunteered to assist Mike in instruction and safety on the range. I value being a part of Mike’s mission to teach others how to defend themselves. I am dedicated to rounding out my training by taking more classes, so I can better assist IDT students in their defense education.