September 29, 2024 Inclusive Defense Training 1.5

Original price was: $125.00.Current price is: $100.00.


This is a range only class. This class is an opportunity to practice the basic skills required to hit a target with a handgun and safely draw and re-holster.  At the end of class we will have an opportunity to perform some fun drills designed to test our speed and accuracy.

This class will be held at the Oklahoma City Gun Club Training Range (a very comfortable and well appointed training range).  The cost of the class is $100.00 (on sale now from $175.00) which includes a $25.00 range fee for those who are not members of the Oklahoma City Gun Club.

Please bring your reliable handgun (we have some handguns with matching holsters/magazine carriers available to borrow, just ask), at least 1 extra magazine (more is better),  a rigid (stays open when the pistol has been removed) outside the waistband holster (Serpa holsters or other holsters that require pressing any sort of latch with the trigger finger cannot be used, please do not bring one of these; for holster guidance, please just inquire, we are here to help), a belt at least 1.5 inch wide that fits you when the holster is attached.  Wear comfortable closed toe shoes, a high necked shirt (polo type shirt that will button up or a close fitting t-shirt are fine), and a baseball cap.  If you have shooting glasses and hearing protection, please bring those. Please bring 100 rounds of ammunition for your handgun (we may shoot less, but we won’t shoot more, or if we do, we can provide you some in the common calibers).

Please check the weather the day before class and dress appropriately.  Range time is all outdoors and can be up to 3 hours at a time.  Please pack a lunch (we will have a working lunch in the classroom) and plenty of hydration.  Please do not indulge in alcohol or other drugs the night before class (certainly not the morning of either :^) ).


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